5 Door Lock Issues That You Should Not Ignore

When you find yourself an owner of a home or of a commercial property, there is a slide chance that you encountere some locking problems.
Some door lock issues are not that important as others, it is always, eather way we have some things that should consider:

1— Misaligned Lock.
If you are having problems with misaligned lock it means that parts of the inner locking mechanism might be not lined up properly. Usually this is a result of improper instillation or warping from weather and the elements. How to be sure you have it? Well, your door will not close properly…this is how.

2— Loose door knobs/ door handles/ locks.
This problem is very commont, becaouse many door locks loosen up over time. There is not a problem if this happend to your door knob, handle or lock , becaouse we have the right solution for it. We will make your mechanism work properly.

3— Key breaks (in the lock).
The most important thing to do if this happens to you, is NOT TO remove the key. Contact us imediately becaouse a broken key in a lock can lead to a multitude of other expensive issues.

4— Jammed lock.
When you are thinking that your lock might be jammed, do not ignore this problem! The only thing that you are doing that way is to expose your home or business to outside threats. The jamming is an issue that be managed fine when it is catched on time.

5— Jammed cylinder.
When you place your key into the lock and it doesn’t turn… the lock cylinder itself may be jammed or broken. Other times you might place your key into the cylinder and the entire lock turns and won’t stop. Both problems are trouble for your safety and you shouldn’t ignore them.

If any of these issues are arising, don’t wait–> call us at +1 647-889-6919 and we will get everything back on track.