We all agree that there’s nothing more important than your family’s health and safety. This mean that investing in the right locks is important.
Should you get a deadbolt, deadlatch or a deadlock and what is difference? These door lock options are similar but still different annd we want to share some information about them, so you can make an informed choice.

DEADLOCK – Although this might be the most common of those 3 options, deadlocks are door locks that need to be opened with a key when in deadlock mode. Standard versions will have keyholes on both sides, which means you need a key to unlock even if you’re inside.
Some models even include Wifi or Bluetooth and will enable you to unlock via a fingerprint.

DEADBOLT – The functionality of deadbolts is very similar to deadlocks. Deadbolts still require a key to function. It can be unlocked and locked from the inside or outside. It’s usually installed on doors that already have a doorknob on them.
A deadbolt includes a metal device called a locking bolt that sticks out from the door and attaches to the nearby wall. This can make it nearly impossible for an outside intruder to enter the home whicj makes them great door security option, especially when no one is home. As a result, most people utilise the deadbolt when they leave their homes or are asleep at night.

DEADLATCH – A deadlatch is the same as a deadlock but with more functionalities. Deadlocks need a key or a knob to set the deadlock mode. However, deadlatches include security latches that lock automatically once the door is closed. You don’tr have to worry about forgetting to lock the door with this option, they typically have three different modes:
Passage mode: The latch is open, and the door can be opened and closed without a key
Safety mode: In this mode, the lock and handle will automatically lock whenever the door is closed after being opened and requires a key to unlock it
Secure mode: The door can only be opened from the inside or outside of the door

When choosing a deadlock vs. deadlatch vs. deadbolt, it’s important to keep in mind your individual or family type of life. Most of these options for example are not good when ones is in need of emergency exit. Although the have many benefits like –
– Higher levels of security
– Eliminating the use of keys
– Tough to impossible to break
If you think that your home or office might benefits from some of these 3 options, you nned to know that it is ncessary for them to be installed from a locksmith so you can be sure that everything is taking care of and you can switch to modern life without the nned of key. We can help you install deadlock, deadlatch or deadbolt at any time, just contact us at +1 647-889-6919