How to avoid fake locksmiths? – This is a theme we wanted to discuss with you so we can keep you safe. First thing you need to have in mind is before you call any locksmith, check whether their number – most of the times in state call is a normal, out of state numbers are suspicious and you need it check for other red flags too. Second thing to think about is the lack of physical address, this is not a good indication, becaouse normally a locksmith needs to have an business address.Third thing to give a notice to is if they insist on drilling or replacing your lock, becaouse this can be used as an excuse to overcharge you. If they suggest that ask if there is another option and if not, why not – by hearing their answers you will know if you are having a deal with a scammer.

Maybe this list of things you should check is going to be useful for you:
– Check their identification
– Verifying prices beforehand and ask them about their work process
– Verifying payment method

How to look for online signs of real or fake lockmisth? – A fake locksmith will often advertise an unrealistically low prices for their services. Another thing to look online to is an unprofessionalism like bad comments, or no customer feedback at all, even no content on social media. If you notice these signs maybe you need to move on to another locksmith.
Anything that makes you quistion their truthfulness is a red flag and you need to continue the serach.

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