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How to open a safe if you have forgotten your password?

This is a very common and annoying situation – the user closes the safe and forgets the code combination. This can happen in an office at work, in a hotel room or at home. No one is immune to this.

The first thing you need to do is determine the model of the safe. To help with this, you can get a warranty card, lock instructions and a passport. Even if you decide to turn to professional to open it, this is necessary information that will be useful for them.

If the safe was purchased a long time ago, and the warranty period has expired and the passport has been discarded – try to find the purchase documents, order number, store address. Maybe the seller will help you identify your safe, send instructions to the lock.

So we proceed to open the safe – our actions will be determined mainly by the type of lock, and the second – by its design.

How to open a coded mechanical lock?

This lock has a characteristic rotary knob with which a code combination is entered. To dial a four-digit code combination, you must rotate the dial back and forth 10 times: Four times the first digit, three times counterclockwise – the second, twice clockwise – the third and once counterclockwise – the fourth.

Such locks provide either the ability to change the code or not. In the second case, the combination of codes is set at the factory and is never changed again. The factory code for such a lock can be found by serial number by contacting customer service or directly at the factory. The serial number and code combination are specified in the passport or in the operating instructions of the safe.

If you have a combination of a lock with a changeable code, the problem is more serious. Try looking at the instructions, you may not have bothered to change the preset combination. You can then use it. If not, you will need to call the emergency services – the locksmiths.

There are several variations of electronic safes (digital safes)

Cheap electronic safes for home.

Most often, these locks come with a single user code and are very affordable when you have the code. Just enter the PIN, sometimes a few extra special characters like the # character and you’ll open it. So they can’t be unlocked when it comes to getting into a safe quickly, especially in an emergency. Some of these cheap electronic locks come with two user codes.

But you have to keep in mind that these secure locks also break. When the dial fails, the problem is always in the internal mechanism of the safe, so the safe must be drilled to open. When the electronic security lock is damaged, it is almost always in the external board. Therefore, you can simply replace the outside of the lock with a new one and open the safe (the safe code memory is inside the safe and will not be affected by this replacement).

Improvements in electronic locking

There are new digital features that have come in the last few years. You can buy a safe with the desired features. However, if you change your password, you will need a locksmith to help you.

Biometric safe for fingerprints

Not everyone likes biometric locks, why? First of all, there is a risk that even if you are registered, you will not be able to open the lock, because the scan is not accepted. Annoying, but not critical. Our locksmiths can solve this problem by running your finger through the scanner and the lock will open!

Double electronic and manual lock

Why not both? Double locks offer greater security, and allow you to open the safe if the electronic lock fails. They are now easily accessible and can be easily installed.

Professional emergency opening services

If none of the above has helped, you will need to seek professional help. Emergency opening of your safe is better to trust a specialized organization with a good reputation. Here they can provide not only professional service but also confidentiality.