Interesting Facts About Keys great smart fast

Curious  Fact 1: Did you know that keys were a status symbol for Viking women?
During the Viking Age, women were respected and responsible for being the key keepers of the family. Many women took this task with pride, sewing the keys into their dresses to reflect their status and power in their communities and homes.

Curious Fact 2: Did you know that you can have a key like the sword of Lord of the Rings? An American company provokes the imagination of its customers by offering keys – swords from various movies and video games.

Curious fact 3: from the Guinness Book of Records… do you know what the largest collection of keys is?
The Guinness Book of World Records confirms that Lisa Large of Kansas City, Missouri has the largest collection of keys in the world, she owns 3,604 keys.

Curious fact 4: The world’s famous magician and illusionist Harry Houdini began his career as a locksmith. Houdini worked in a locksmith shop from the age of 11 and quickly learned how to handle any lock.

Curious fact 5: History indicates that people began to construct and use locking devices around the year 2000. before Christ. At that time, these devices were crude, primitive, but interestingly, their principle of action is the same as that of modern secret cartridges.