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Spy with GSM module is a convenient and modern tool to control access to the room, transmitting its signal through the cellular communication channel. It is installed on the front door instead of the usual viewfinder. The GSM Video Door window will take an instant photo or video recording any visitor who arrives, informs for the visit by mobile phone notification, and allows to contact the guest even if the owner is away from home.

  • Features of video spies:

The GSM module allows the owner always keep in touch with the house and quickly receive information for a new visitor. For example, an MMS video eye sends a photo or short video to a mobile phone as an MMS message. Video spies use SIM card.

  • Different configurations are available.

– GSM video spy with motion sensor;

– GSM video with recording and motion sensor;

– For remote access;

– GSM door view with monitor for easy video viewing.

Before buying a GSM video spyware, it is recommended that you review its essential features or you can just consult with professionals like us.

List of main features:

  • Sensitivity and control area of ​​the motion sensor.
  • Availability of local storage for photos and videos, maximum amount of media.
  • Supported Remote Access Network Protocols.
  • Frequency range of MMS video signal transmission.
  • Image compression format.
  • The maximum resolution.
  • Shooting angle, operating temperature.
  • Power parameters, voltage, current consumption.
  • The method of installation, connection of the device.
  • A set of clear instructions for operating the device.
  • Dimensions, aspect ratio, mass.

The user can use this system to receive information about any door unlocking and locking anywhere in the world, as well as data for attempts of tampering, thanks to the built-in shock sensor. “In practice, you are in constant touch with your door. Additional options such as door position, connection to CCTV, fire, smoke, etc. are to be introduced. In practice, software and mobile technologies allow for a higher level of home security, complementing the purely physical security of mechanical lock.

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