As professional locksmiths, we are providing services like locking systems, keyless entry, and even installation of new locks. Often times there are emergencies that require our help. Here put together some of the most common situations you may find yourself in and you need to to prepared to call +1 647-889-6919

Lost keys
If you lose a key and you have to change the locks of your home or office, this can be an expensive and time-consuming situation. You’ll need to call in a professional 24/7 locksmith who will go out and get the new key cut and fit it into the lock. This can take up to a few hours, depending on the type of lock and how many keys are involved.

When someone steals your keys – you need to call in a professional locksmith immediately! Burglars often target houses with doors that are unlocked or have no security alarm system installed. If there are multiple entries into your home and you don’t have an alarm system installed, then it will be difficult for the thieves to steal from your house without raising suspicion. In this case, hiring a professional locksmith is the best option for protecting your property from theft. A good locksmith will come with high-quality equipment so that they can easily pick any lock without damaging it in any way.

Lock stuck in the door
If your lock is stuck in the door, then it is likely that something is wrong with the mechanism. The lock may have been damaged by water or other liquids, which can cause rusting and corrosion of metal parts inside the mechanism. You will need to have someone come out to inspect your lock and see if they can fix it or replace it altogether.

Locked out of your house
If someone has locked themselves out of their home or office, then they need to contact a licensed locksmith immediately so that they can repair their locks before someone else breaks into their home or office. The best thing to do is call a licensed locksmith as soon as possible so that they can make sure everything is working properly again before anyone else gets hurt or steals anything from inside their home.

Broken or damaged locks
This can be caused by dirt and grime getting under the door handle and preventing it from moving smoothly along its track. Lubricate the moving parts in order to make them move more smoothly. If you’ve had problems with your lock before, it’s possible that it’s no longer working properly because of damage or wear and tear. You may have to replace your entire lock system if this is the case. In some cases, if the problem is only cosmetic, an expert can repair them without replacing them altogether.

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