Why You May Need the Services of a Residential Locksmith

in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Toronto and the rest of GTA

If you are a home owner or are renting a property, ensuring the security of your home should be one of your top priorities. How do you go about accomplishing this, however? Many people may assume that the locks they have in their home are sufficient, and do not bother asking a professional if they are secure enough, or in good condition to resist a break-in. A good residential locksmith will be able to help you in this respect. There are many services that residential locksmiths provide; some of them overlap with commercial and auto locksmith services, and some do not. Many locksmiths may even offer all the different types of locksmith services; if they are qualified and professional this is a good thing, but you need to be aware of potential scammers. Locksmith Express located in Etobicoke has been serving the Toronto and GTA Community for years, and we are one of the premier service providers in the city. If you think you may need a consultation or a quote on any residential services, do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer comprehensive warranties on all our products and services. Locksmith Express located in Etobicoke also believes in providing our clients with accurate, useful information, so below are some of the services that residential locksmiths typically provide.

When You May Need a Residential Locksmith

Most people know that residential locksmiths will be able to let them back into their homes if they have inadvertently locked themselves out. However, there are many other services that locksmiths provide, and many other times (besides a lockout) when you may require a locksmith’s help.

  • I’ve lost all my keys. Unlike a simple lockout, this problem requires a different approach. A trained residential locksmith will be able to take your lock cylinder apart, decode it, and reproduce a matching key. If you are afraid you’re your keys may have fallen into the wrong hands, however, then get your locks rekeyed. This way it doesn’t matter what happens to your missing keys.
  • My locks are in terrible condition. Part of a locksmith’s job is to recommend you appropriate lock and security upgrades or replacements. Lock cylinders can get worn out after years of heavy use, and latches and bolts may eventually corrode or break. When this happens, you will need good replacement locks. A professional locksmith will be up to date with the latest security devices, and in mechanical and electronic lock technology. They will be able to recommend you locks that are not easily compromised by lock bumping techniques, for example. This will help you maximize the security of your home or apartment.
  • I need extra door hardware installed. Residential locksmiths routinely install new locks and door hardware. Sometimes, contractors may cut costs by installing only one level handle on the garage doors, for example. This means that you have a security risk at hand, as the dead latches will not extend far enough to properly secure the doors. In cases like this locksmiths will be able to help you by installing an extra deadbolt above the level handle, on your garage doors and other exterior doors if necessary.
  • I live in a bad area of town, how can I ramp up my home security? Besides solutions like installing extra deadbolts, a residential locksmith can provide you with other options as well. A three-point lock or multipoint locking system could beef up the security level of your front and back doors. Another good option is to install security strike plates; these greatly reinforce the door jamb, and will prevent the door from being easily kicked in.
  • I need some secure cabinets in my home. Residential locksmiths don’t only deal with door locks and door hardware. Another service that they provide which is often overlooked is cabinet, locker, closet, and drawer locks. If you have small children at home, you may need a couple of secure cabinets in your home – this way you can be sure that chemicals and other dangerous items are kept out of harm’s way. Even if you don’t have children at home, you may need cabinet locks installed to keep personal documents or other important items secure.

Residential Security Assessment from Locksmith Express located in Etobicoke

Locksmith Express provides all these residential locksmith services and much more. An important service you may be interested in is our residential security assessment. To determine the security level of your home, one of our experts will walk through your house with you, and analyze all your hardware, doors and windows, and inform you of any areas that are particularly vulnerable. We can then go on to advise you on the best way to ensure that your home and belongings are properly secured. Locksmith Express located in Etobicoke is one of the premier locksmiths in town. We provide residential, commercial, and emergency locksmith services, so if you live in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Vaughn, Scarborough, North York, East York, Markham, call us today for a consultation. Your security is our priority.