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Locksmiths have always been important. From antiquity, people have sought ways to protect their property and values. Тhere are many mysteries and ambiguities about the dexterity of professional locksmiths, and they are often compared to magicians. Read below some interesting facts about them.

1. Security has long been a problem

The locksmith industry has been around for thousands of years. The first locks we know are from Egyptian culture, about 4,000 years ago. The oldest locks with keys were made in 704 BC. However, the craft developed the most during Roman culture. Тhe Romans had made locks of iron and bronze. They often created handle keys with incredible detail and design patterns. The more complex the lock, the more prosperous the family that owned it was. The lock and keys were also a sign of wealth.

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2. The skill of creating locks combines Numerous Industries

Many people may think that the work of a locksmith is simple and seems quite easy. True, they manage to open a lock in seconds, but that’s because of their experience, not because it’s an easy task. In fact, locksmiths have skills in various important industries, such as mechanical engineering, carpentry, hardware and more. It often happens that they have to apply everything they know to deal with an old lock.

3. Unlocking is a key component of the industry

Breaking or unlocking locks that we watch on movies looks very easy. Locksmiths really need to be able to break a lock, because many people find themselves in a situation where they lock themselves in a room and are unable to get out, or are locked outside and cannot enter. However, this does not mean that if you show a door to a locksmith and ask him to open it, he will not check if you are the owner of the property.

4. Harry Houdini was a locksmith

The famous illusionist Harry Houdini has worked as a locksmith for years. He learned the craft and specialized himself in unlocking all kinds of locks. He even provided his services for free when someone needed help. May be this was the reason that his main stage numbers was related to unlocking.

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6. Not all locksmiths have the same skills

It is a misconception that you can call any locksmith and get the same type and quality of service. Rather, what you will find is that most locksmiths provide a limited selection of services. This is because they are not always trained and they all have a rich and varied experience. When choosing a locksmith, you need to choose one that will be useful in your individual case at your area. Locksmith Express  in Toronto and GTA/ TorontoEtobicokeMississaugaNorth YorkEast YorkScarboroughVaughanRichmond HillMarkham and Oakville can provide the service you need.

7. Do you have to wait until the morning to call a locksmith

Locksmiths value their time and work like any person who offers any service. There are enough locksmiths in Toronto and GTA so if something happens in the middle of the night and you have no other way out, you can call. But be careful, some of locksmiths will charge a significant amount for emergency or overtime hours. This is the same as in any other industry, such as plumber or electrician. We can provide the right services and products for your condominium, townhouse, house, office or store at the right prices.

8. The locksmith industry is growing fast

The locksmith industry is not an old-fashioned industry with few customers who need it. Every day there are people who need a locksmith, and the industry  is improving itself, because of new technologies and digitalization, which is gradually entering our apartments and houses and everyday life.

9. Who is Walter Schladge?

Buying a new lock, you will inevitably come across the name Schladge. This is one of the most famous and respected names in the industry. But most people don’t know the story behind it. Walter Schladge is the founder of Schladge. He created the first type of cylinder lock.  His lock, which was first developed and sold in the 1920s, was considered one of the most advanced options available today. The company is on the market to this day.

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10. The locksmiths are moving towards biometrics

If you think that all those scenes in the movies where the main character scanned his eye to gain access to a building or a room are far in the future? You are wrong. Biometrics – including finger unlocking – are already in our phones, not far from being done anywhere else. There are even locks that are made with such technology and unlocked with a fingerprint.

11. Good locksmiths can duplicate almost any key

Locksmiths can make a copy of each key, even though some keys say “Do not duplicate.” But locksmiths should know that even the client requests a copy of this key, it should not be made and the client need to contact the manufacturer.  The companies should replace the lock if the key is lost, for security. That is why it is often written on the spare keys that they should not be made copies.

12. The combined lock is from 1857.

Imagine your locker in the gym or the lock of a bank safe – this is a combined lock and it’s been used since 1857. An American inventor named James Sargent created the first combination lock. This is one of the most important discoveries of this craft in the 18th century. The mechanism used to develop this type of lock is the same type used in bank vaults and is still in use today.

13.Only Locksmiths Should Install Deadbolts

Deadbolts are one of the most complex and most important components of security. Most homes have one on their front door. Even though today’s options are available to allow a property owner to install his or her own deadbolt, it is wise to call a pro instead. Deadbolts require more skill to install properly to ensure providing the level of protection they are designed to offer. The good news is most locksmiths can install and repair deadbolts it is a common type of service offered to them.

14. Reliable locksmiths never keep copies of someone’s keys

Even if you ask the locksmith to keep a copy of your keys, just in case, he will refuse, especially are trustworthy one. The main reason is that it is not safe.

15. Locksmiths are security professionals

You may turn to them when you need a key made or a new lock installed. However, you can and should ask your locksmith about ways to improve the security of the area. Some offer insight into security systems (though not all do this). Most will help you to find effective ways of protecting your property no matter what the challenges are. If you are unsure if your home is safe or ways to improve safety at your business, call Locksmith Express. We will come to your location to help you.