5 Interesting Facts About Keys, That Will Surprise You!

facts about keys

Interesting fact number 1: Do you know that the keys were a status symbol for Viking women?

Yes! During the Viking Age, women were the ones who were responsible for guarding the keys to the family, which was very respected by this time. Many women took on this task with pride, sewing the keys in their dresses to reflect their status and strength in their communities and homes.

Interesting fact number 2: Do you know that Catherine the Great had an affinity for beautiful locks and locks?

Indeed! This beautiful queen had one of the most intricate collections of locks known in her day. She loved intricate designs and often used them as gifts. It is said that Catherine the Great pardoned a locksmith who made her a great necklace, incredible, isn’t it?

Interesting fact number 3: Do you know that you can design almost any sort of a key by your vision, inspiration, or favs?

For example – there is a key company that provokes the imagination of its customers by offering keys – swords from various movies and video games. Mhm, this means that you can literally have your door opened in an exciting way. The designs, of course, don’t end there. You can have your key in almost every form you would like to.


Interesting fact number 4: A curious fact from the Guinness Book, do you know which is the largest collection of keys?

The Guinness Book of World Records confirms that Lisa Large of Kansas City, Missouri has the largest collection of keys in the world, she has 3,604 keys.

Interesting fact number 5: Last but not least, do you have an idea who is the world’s most famous locksmith?

It’s no surprise, but if you don’t know, the famous magician and illusionist Harry Houdini began his career as a locksmith. Houdini has been working in a locksmith workshop since the age of 11 and is quickly learning how to handle each lock, making him the greatest magician.

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