6 Tips to maintain your door locks

A great door lock should be all you need to prevent a burglar from gaining access to your home. But if you don’t choose a good door lock or your don’t keep it in good condition, it will become difficult to use and easy to break. We’ve want to share 6 steps you should take to ensure your door locks are well maintained.

1. Check how your door is hung

A misaligned door means that your lock’s deadbolt and the strike plate won’t line up, this is creating pressure and making it difficult to use.  To remedy this, you should look at the hinges of your door, and tighten them up. You may need to replace the hinges or the screws. If you’re unsure, get a professional to take a look for you.

2. Clean your locks

A simple step for the external part of your door lock, but no less important. Check your manufacturer’s instructions, as most recommend a damp rag. Your door lock will usually have a protective coating to ensure that it will withstand regular use for years to come, so there’s no need to use harsh chemicals.

3. Lubricate your locks

For the small moving parts, i.e. the cylinder of the lock itself, use a dry lube like graphite powder. Spray it into the keyhole, and then move your key in and out of the lock, removing any debris that it dislodges before putting it back in.

4. Adjust your locks

Look at how your lock aligns. If you have to lift, push or pull the door to operate the lock even after the door is hung correctly, then you may have to adjust the lock as well. If the deadbolt and the strike plate don’t line up, then your lock isn’t as secure as it should be. Tighten the fixings of both the lock and the strike plate to ensure that it’s aligned and working with ease.

5. Only make copies of the original key

When you copy keys, they are bound to have tiny imperfections. But if you make copies from a copy, then those tiny imperfections can add up, until you no longer have a working key. We recommend that that you only make copies from the original key to minimise this, and that you store one of the original keys away and only use it for making copies. That way it won’t be worn down by use.

6. Avoid slamming your doors

We know it’s tempting to let the door slam behind you, but this can loosen the hinges and cause your door to misalign in the frame. So as part of your door maintenance, try to avoid slamming your doors. We use door locks every day, usually without much thought. Until they don’t work as well as they used to, that is! Make sure you take these steps and prevent them from breaking.