Tips from locksmiths

Thefts during the intensified anti-epidemic measures have decreased, but this does not mean that we should be calm and not take measures for greater security at home. Leaving an open window is an invitation for unwanted guests, especially if you live on the first floor.

Currently, the restrictive measures have been eased and crime is expected to rise, so we at Locksmith Express recommend that you do the following.

1.Replace the old front door lock with a new and modern one, which will be much better and will reduce the risk of burglary in the home. This will not stop skilled and stubborn thieves, but will turn down many others, as they usually look for easy “hits” and avoid difficult-to-penetrate homes. In rare cases, when they consider it worth the risk, they also attack those with increased protection, but the risk for them is higher because they will lose more time until they penetrate and in most cases the traces of the burglary will be visible from the outside. That increase the chance of a neighbor or passing citizen noticing them.

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2. Do not neglect the additional protection for windows and doors on terraces. Very often thieves break in from there. One of the most common aluminum windows, due to its low price, is literally like an open door for a thief. By using a lever, they lift the window or door and it detaches from the hinges. Then they easily enter, closing behind them, so that they have more time to inspect everything in the apartment without any external signs that they have penetrated. Protection against this method of braking in is the placement of counterparts and special additional protection for the windows. This prevents them from opening, but let’s not forget that they can always break or cut the window, although this will show the burglary, and thieves will rush to steal everything valuable and probably will not find well-hidden valuables. The more time they have in your home, the more valuables they will steal.

3. Don’t post photos on social media from your vacation until you return to your home. This is an invitation for unwanted guests who are your “friends” on social networks, sometimes disguised as fake profiles of beautiful women or men. You understand that when you share a lot of personal information there, it helps the robbers prepare for a professional blow. Especially if you have more finances or you have expensive furniture and appliances that can be seen in photos on the Internet.

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4. Invest more in the security of your home. The amounts invested in the security of the home is repaid tenfold. If because of minor security flaw, like you did not protect the terrace door and a thief enters – how many losses you have of this? Thieves are masters at finding hidden money and valuables. If they have enough time, they will turn your house upside down, but they will also find your best hidden money and jewelry. Don’t save money on modern locking systems, because the feeling of waking up to the noise of a burglar breaking into your home is awful and not easy to forget. It leaves fear and imprint in the minds of those who living there for years to come, and if the peace of mind in your own home is disturbed, there is no point in all the money in your bank account. Peace is health, keep it!

5. Use a professional locksmith to install security systems, locks, locks, strikers, armored doors and more. We all know that the bigger the city, the greater is the chance of robbery, because many people live in it and it is harder to find the perpetrator. In small towns, thieves are the usual acquaintances of the police, and each new person makes a big impression on the locals. By this logic, you can guess that in Toronto and GTA there are probably the largest number of thieves in the country. Therefore, if you need a locksmith at the region, contact Locksmith Express.