A good lock is the first line of defense against thieves and other serious problems. Every property should be supplied with locks of the highest quality, especially if they are located in neighborhoods with increasing crimes. To have a better understanding of the safety and security of your home, here are a few myths that need to be uncovered.

1. The thieves will not break into my house

Most people think so and this is a mistake. Thieves choose the houses that have the poorest defense systems, and if you do not have a modern lock, you are at high risk. Especially if you live in a neighborhood with rising crime, a remote area or a dark street.

2. All locks provide the same level of security

This is not true. Locks with locking bolts have different degrees of security, deepening according to the needs and preferences of the customer. For example, class 1 locks are the safest and are useful for industrial and commercial buildings. They are also the most expensive. Grade 2 locks are reasonably priced and suitable for both commercial and residential properties. Finally, third-degree locks are the cheapest on the market and provide a minimum level of security, but they are still better than nothing.

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3.You can remove a broken key with a magnet or super-glue

This is another common myth that is not true. In most cases, the keys are made of brass and as a result they will not be attracted by a magnet. In addition, the locking mechanism holds the key firmly in place. Similarly, the use of super-glue is not a good idea, as this method fails in most cases and the lock will be permanently damaged. It is better to call the professional locksmith of Locksmith Express and your problem will be solved.

4.”My neighbor is watching my house and I am watching his, so we are protected.”

This is another old and ineffective method of protection used by many neighborhoods. It is not your neighbor’s responsibility to monitor your home when you are away. Also, most thieves attack at night when everyone is asleep, so your neighbors can’t do anything about it. And when it’s during the day, it’s likely that both you and they will work anyway.

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5. All locksmiths give you the same service.

And this is not true. There are locksmith companies that are extremely reliable, you can count on responsiveness and correctness 24 hours 365 days a year. Along with many years of experience and professionalism, they are a must-have contact for any property owner.

In fact, the locksmith does more than just cutting keys or help with locking. The professional locksmith can offer you a number of services both at home and in your commercial premises. Starting from security analysis, to replacing all types of locks according to your needs and budget.

Professional locksmiths are usually 24/7 available for all your need. Their services can include re-key locks, install and replace locks, repair locks, lock outs, brake in repairs, mailbox lock change, master Key system, door closers, fire exit devices, medium security locks, high security locks, and others and most of them can deliver latest products available on the market for the protection of any home or businesses as access control system which will give complete control over who, when and with what staff and visitors has access to your building.

A quality locksmith can also provide security advice, increase your current level of security, or give you recommendations that will make you safer and improve your accessibility.

Our locksmith company offers reliable affordable locksmith services, so call us if you want to sleep calm at night or if you have an emergency locksmith situation.

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