How secure is your home?

Locksmith Express can help with few guidelines

How secure is your home? Find out what action you can take to avoid break-ins.

Of course you can install an alarm system but can you remember when did you last change the code? Alarms are extremely effective but you need to change the code on a regular basis to gain maximum.

Also there are many other ways to make your home safer.

What can you do and how you should do it can read here. As professionals in locksmith services with many years’ experience we can help with few guidelines.

1.Consider each possible entry point to your home.

The 5 Most Common Home Entry Points are :

  • Front door – Statistics show that 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door and even neighbors and passersby often never notice anything amiss. An old wooden door or a hollow one can be kicked in within seconds. Help beef up your home’s security by installing a windowless solid wood or metal clad door. You should inquire about the security level of deadbolts required also if the services needed are for small residential or commercial buildings. We at Locksmith Express supply and provide installations in Toronto for multiple security grades deal bolts and locks and carry a variety of hardware with us at all times for your convenience.
  • Back Door/Sliding Glass Door – It is very important upgrade locks of your back door, especially if its locations is where isn’t as easily seen from the street. If you have a sliding glass door, there are a couple of risks that you should have in mind. One: the latches on sliding glass doors are typically weak. Two: they’re made of glass, so they’re easily broken into. To avoid that install secondary locking mechanism or dowel to provide additional security. French doors are not automatic protection from unwanted visitors just because they are PVC. Consider installing top and bottom bolts on French doors or add sash jammers to uPVC doors. Another thing you must do immediately for your backdoor is to install security system door sensors on a back door of any kind. If it’s a sliding glass door, the glass break sensors is mandatory
  • Garage – You should take the same security precautions with your garages you do with the rest of your home. After all, your garage likely contains expensive tools and equipment — and in most common cases your car. Attached garages also offer thieves an unobserved home entry point into your home, so you should secure it.
  • First Floor Windows – Probably you want open windows to enter fresh air but 23 percent of thieves use a first-floor window as their home entry point. You can equip your windows with sensors that notify you if the window is opened (for instance, because someone is trying to climb through it).
  • Second Floor Windows – Although most burglar are going to choose convenience, if there’s a way for them to access your home through an unlocked second-floor window, they certainly will try. For this reason, install window and glass break sensors on all windows and keep those windows locked when you’re not around.

With these common home entry points secured, you’ll feel safe

2. Improving lighting of you home

You can improve lighting of your home using light timers or motion Sensor lighting especially if you have outside lights installed. Light timers make your home look occupied while you’re out and about. Alternatively, many home security companies offer apps that let you turn lights on and off right from your smartphone. Lighting control sensors allow you to automatically detect presence and illuminate your home’s exterior. Except saving energy this measure can attract attention of neighbors if you are not home. Although a security is not guaranteed, they thieves will deter if the doors of your property are well lit.

3. Locks fitted correctly

Are your locks fitted correctly? If locks are installed incorrectly this can make them vulnerable. If your euro-cylinder lock is not fitted correctly your locks could be at risk to lock snapping. Lock snapping is a very common method – 25% of burglaries use this method of entry and it take just 5-10 seconds for a thief to snap the lock. The quickest way to protect yourself against this burglary method is simple, contact  Locksmith Express Toronto and GTA.

4.Have a look around your home generally.

When you look through windows do you see anything valuable that could be an opportunity for unwanted guests? If you can see valuables, so inside your home from the street can a burglar. Statistics indicate that burglaries are increasing on properties in order to steal car keys – don’t make it easy for them by leaving your keys in view of windows and doors

5.Have you moved in new home recently?

There are many reasons to change your lock when moving into a new property. Some of them are:

  • Old owners or tenants will no longer have access to the property
  • Peace of mind knowing strangers won’t have keys
  • Better quality locks if its needed
  • Improved security
  • Can choose of the style of the lock

6.You should consider can you see who’s at the door without opening it?

Opening the door to your home without knowing who’s on the other side can be frightening and dangerous. If your home already has a quality door installed, but it doesn’t have a peep hole, you can purchase one and install it in the door. Wide angle peep holes are best because they offer the greatest range of view.

7.Surveillance signs

If you have any yard signs or window decals that state your home is monitored you can feel a little bit calmer. Put the signs not only on the doors, but also on the windows, where most of the robbers enter.

8.Have there been any break-ins in the neighborhood recently?

If a house in your neighborhood has been broken into, you need to be on higher alert about your own home security. You could face an increased risk of burglary, as burglars may return to the area of a successful break-in and target similar homes nearby.

If you have doubts about the security of your home, especially the locks, the best solution is to call professionals with years of experience. Our professionally trained locksmiths have years of experience and we offer a solution to every problem in Toronto and GTA area! Rest assured that whatever the challenge, we’ve been there, done that many times before!

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Our qualified practices and techniques will assure your home safety.