Advantages of contactless electronic keys

In electronic locking systems with a chip we have two types of electronic keys – contact and contactless. If you look for information on the web, you will be left with the impression that all the pros are on the side of contact models, but a thorough analysis of technical information and after talking to a specialist like us will show that the benefits are mainly in favor of the contactless key.

Why is electronic chip locking an innovation we should trust?

Every innovation aims to make it easier for us, and security systems are looking for another effect – maximum protection of our property. Electronic locking performs the function of crime prevention. If you think you have protected your home or your business by installing security and surveillance cameras, then you are seriously wrong. They only have the opportunity to inform you about a crime, but not to prevent it.

Electronic rifd locks, on the other hand, can successfully protect you from encroachment and this is the reason why they are increasingly entering our lives, occupying a place of honor on the front doors of residential buildings, offices and commercial places. They work effectively in two directions, which together and separately contribute to increasing security throughout the building – provide control over passers-by and inaccessibility to unauthorized persons.

Electronic keys have another very big advantage – they are much more convenient to carry and use and at the same time save the life of the cartridge and the lock, as unlocking is not mainly related to their operation. Installing an electronic locking system can be a bit more expensive, as a service and purchase of equipment, but the investment pays off in a very short time, as no additional funds are required to replace depreciated parts and duplicates of stolen and lost keys.

Contact against contactless switches

The notion that electronic ignition keys are more secure and convenient to operate is completely wrong. The disadvantage of their use is that the chip integrated in the plastic body must be positioned in the scanning device (reader) always in the same way. This is an inconvenience that we can find out personally when we are busy or in a hurry.

The advantage of the contactless rifd keys is the ability to unlock the door with minimal effort on our part. For different models, the distance from which the contactless reader can read the electronic key code is from 1 to 12 cm. The chip can be integrated into a plastic shell in the shape of a keychain or be embedded in a card, tag, watch or other convenient media. This type of key has a relatively long life, and their price is significantly lower than what we would pay for making a duplicate of the metal key.

Last but not least, the advantage of electronics in locking systems is the possibility of the contactless rifd reader to be mounted secretly, in order to avoid its intentional damage by villains. The principle of operation of radio frequency readers allows them to be built into the door or frame, regardless of the material from which they are made, including behind non-magnetic partitions of glass or wood.

Each contactless electronic lock reader allows a huge number of combinations, so that the code of any key is not duplicated with another, even when disabling lost electronic keys and activating a new personal code. The system has an emergency power supply for the reader, which provides the ability to unlock in the event of a power outage in the building.

If you have already decided to change your lock with electronic lock and do not know which one to chose or have hesitations, call us and we will help you!