Covid -19 and avoiding touching the locks

For people living in multifamily homes or working in crowded offices, pandemic is extremely stressful. The reality is that many of us, especially those of us who live in cities, live in close proximity to our neighbors or colleagues, and at the moment this proximity may be more dangerous than ever. For property owners and managers, the risk is quite real, and if you are one of them, and do not protect your residents or employees and upgrade your space, you could lose new and current residents or employees.

Fortunately, you can easily upgrade your space and protect them with great hands-free access options. Contact our team of professionals, from whom you will receive ideal accessibility options for your multifamily home or multi-office building today.

The benefits of upgrading now

You may be wondering, “I have already taken a financial blow during this pandemic, why would I spend money right now upgrading my space?” The reality is that the financial tensions we have experienced so far are painful, but most of us will be able to cope. . Unfortunately, we do not know when COVID-19 will end, and if you do not take the appropriate steps now to protect your tenants and owners, you may find yourself outside your main source of income. Protecting your residents has never been more important and acting now will strengthen your confidence and increase your total value of the property.

COVID-19 has spread like wildfire across the country, largely due to the fact that we are still learning about how the virus spreads, where it lives and how best to treat it. One of the facts that has been established at every step of this pandemic is that it is extremely important to limit contact surfaces. The best way to protect your occupants and limit their overall contact with common surfaces is by creating a contactless entrance to your building.

The contactless contactless door access systems are the perfect way to allow your occupants easy entry into your building without having to touch doors or door handles. It is even fully compatible, wheelchair accessible and completely hands-free for people of all needs. This complete login system is durable, easy to set up and completely self-supporting after a short set-up, making it one of the best hands-free systems on the market.

Using a contactless card that activates an access point via a swipe, tap or proximity activation brings, not only in benefits the hygiene context but also in terms of managing movement of people. So if you decided to upgrade your entry system contact professionals like Locksmith Express. Our specialist with many year of experience will come to you at Locksmith Toronto and GTA/ Toronto, EtobicokeMississaugaNorth YorkEast YorkScarboroughVaughanRichmond HillMarkhamOakville  and Burlington with solution that response to your needs and budget.