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If you are just wondering where it all began, we will tell you here.

The history of locksmithing began, according to sources, in Ancient Egypt and Babylon, about 4,000 years ago. During this time the locksmiths made wooden devices that used tin tumbler principle to prevent free movement of the door bar. The pins could only be moved with the help of a large and clumsy wooden key (created in the form of a modern toothbrush), which was inserted into a lock and pushed upwards and unlocked doors. The oldest of those anciant locks was found in the ruins of the Assyrian Empire, in the city of Horsabad, near Nineveh. Scientists and historians agree that this wooden lock was created around 704 BC.

A smith of locks is originate out of the term blacksmith who meant a person working with steel and different kinds of metal. In the times of the middle-ages most often a blacksmiths job was to forge weapons and armour for their king and knights.

Horse armor was also needed at that time. Those who than had specialized in the making of locks, mechanical engineering as well as a metal working craft also had become admit for their skills and had received title locksmith.

The locks which were crafted is one of the oldest forms of  security mechanisms.

Since then the security industry and the profession of locksmiths have come a long way. From advanced mechanical engineering wonders of locking mechanisms which were created between the 17th and 20th century to current wonders of the digital age – alarms, security mechanism are integrated knowledge of countless of generations of locksmiths.

In the present day the skills required is far from that of the original locksmiths. The locksmiths of today does far more than just creation of keys to open locks. They are able to not only do all the things which were done in the olden days, not only able to provide you with key cutting and lock installations, but also supply security products, assess security risks, use a wide range of different tools, deal with a wide range of different customers, from private, small businesses, shops, office environments and much more. Today lock and security product manufacturers, security services and monitoring companies, security gadget companies as well as the traditional locksmith service provide a wide range of services. So we as professionals can help you to choose your security system, or to change lock or something else. There are many services that residential locksmiths provide; some of them overlap with commercial and auto locksmith services, and some do not. Many locksmiths may even offer all the different types of locksmith services; if they are qualified and professional this is a good thing. Locksmith Express located in Etobicoke has been serving the Toronto and GTA Community for years, and we are one of the premier service providers in the city

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History of loving locks, or why you should choose our locksmith company – to be continued…..