How To Organize Your Keys

Organazing time and stuff is one of the things that helps us live a little bit more task free. There are many ways to organize your keys and we will help you apply them in a handy way.

Is the feeling of being in a hurry to get somewhere and your keys are nowhere to be found? We want to take some stress out of shoudles and help you get organize the crazy key situation. There are things that we do on a daily basis, using keys at least two times a day is something that every person do.
Some people say that as we use them that much for example the car and the home keys should be put together on a keychain. However, what if you don’t just have one door key for your house or you lose your keychain with both? We think that the best way to keep it organised is to “devide and conquour”.

In order to apply our “devide and conquour” organisation vision you need to follow the 2 simple steps:

– Decluttering – Get rid of every key you dont need, and set up in another place all the keys you don’t use daily.
– Organizing – Group the keys by function and tag them , then you are free to separete them with keyholders and put them on the place where we want them to life.

To keep our keys organised is important and when you need help in this or any other key situation you can contact us!