Why You Should Rekey Your Office - 6 Reasons

When you have a business, you also have a number of responsibilities that keep your success levels up. The company office is the place where you meet with partners, suppliers, customers, and other parties and it is also the place that represents your business – so keeping it safe is importnat.
There are many people who will have access to the office keys, since you also have an employes. So all of your sensitive information needs to be ensured with a high quality locksmith equipment.
If you are wondering if there is a reason to rekey your office, here are six which will help you decide.

1. New building – If you built or bought a new building, however this building has only had locks and keys for a short while, those keys may have copies around you don’t know about.
Our advice is to have a locksmith rekey the building’s locks before bringing your valuable stuff inside.

2. Pre-Owned Building – A pre-owned buildings had previous occupants, who could have made key copies for family, friends, suppliers, employees or etc..
To rekey your locks will simplify your business life! This is going to give you a control over who has a key and who doesn’t.

3. You fired someone – If you have tried to deal with some employee and he or she may harbor hostile feelings towards your firm. There are many stories which talk that it is best to rekey the office locks as soon as a bas scenario goes trough your head.

4. Someone lost a key – If anyone from the office (even you) lose a key – that key becomes a security risk. You do not want to risk your company’s security on an assumption that nobody will use it, so just stay safe and change the locks.

5. Someone broke in – If your office already have experienced a break in before, you shouldn’t assume that your locks are secure. Find a professionalist and rekey your property.

6. Your keys have worn out – Like everything we touch every day, keys eventually rust, warp or erode, so if your key is older or your locks are geting older (since everything is going technological so fast), you may need to replace them. If you or anytone from employees have trouble with the keys or locks, the time to rekey has come.

If you experince any of these scenarios plase contact us and we will help you find the best solution for your office.