Our job as professional locksmiths is to repair all problems and accidents with your key

Nowadays, our work as locksmiths must be done quickly and efficiently. We manage to help people in a dead end. Thanks to the equipment we have, we manage to help small and large companies to increase their security. But over the centuries, the key has had other meanings than it does today.

The key is made so that it can unlock and lock only a single lock in the whole world.

But the symbolism of the key is related to the dual role it has, it serves to lock and unlock, to close and open. Sometimes a key means the difference between freedom and detention. The key unlocks and locks various forces. It symbolizes power, knowledge and mystery.

If you find a key on the street, it means that your wishes will come true. You start to wonder. What will open the key? A box? Door? In any case, the one who lost it is in a rather unpleasant situation, but for you it is a sign that new opportunities for success will open up. Astrologers say that when you dream of a key, you will find a quick way to succeed. And if you wear a silver key around your neck, you will succeed in business. The gold key will give you confidence and help you make your dreams come true.

Each of us has a key that no longer unlocks anything. It’s pretty sad for a key.

But you can still give it a new life. Give it to someone as a lucky talisman. The keys have been used differently over the centuries around the world. In Ionia, today’s Turkey, it was a tradition for people to be buried with an iron key. So that the dead can unlock the door to the Underworld. The ancient Egyptians used it as an amulet because they believed that it would bring them wealth and keep everything they earned.

Wizards in the middle Ages performed magic for love with a key. Today, keys are accepted more as an ordinary object, but there are still people who believe in theirs magic. According to the Japanese, the key means prosperity. In Japan, the key is a symbol of prosperity because it opens the barn with rice. The handing over of a key to a besieged city was an expression of capitulation to the conqueror. Today the key is ceremoniously given to the high-ranking guests of the city. According to some folk beliefs, if the keys remain on the table – it’s a quarrel! But if there is a keychain hanging over the front door, the home will be protected from enemies and full of harmony in the family.

In Eastern Europe, there was a superstition, the key was to hang on the wall above the bed to prevent all bad dreams. In our lives we use the keys in different ways. We lock our homes for greater security. During the trip we use a padlock and lock the suitcase. We start our cars again with a key. We use them constantly in our daily lives – for garage doors, hotels and apartments. When we lock the door and know that no one else has a key, we ensure peace and security.

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