Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. With a recorded population of 2,731,571 in 2016, it is the most populous city in Canada and the fourth most populous city in North America. Unlike other cities, it is constantly evolving – economically and demographically. In this line of thought, it is completely logical to have a large number of companies, studios and self-employed craftsmen offering locksmith services in Toronto.

Here we will consider not the service itself as such, but the round-the-clock service for which there is no day off. Among the large number of professionals in the city, there are those who offer round-the-clock, emergency assistance, and those who work according to a standard work schedule.

The second group are usually adult master locksmiths, focused on making key duplicates and repairing simpler mechanical locks. The first group – emergency locksmiths are those that are of interest to us, as they are available at any time of day.

When is the emergency service absolutely necessary?

Today it will be difficult to find a locksmith company, including operating in Toronto and GTA, which does not offer round-the-clock emergency services. The reason is that they are the most sought after, because locking problems often occur at the most inopportune time – on weekends and at night.

Emergency locksmith service means that we have a team of specialists available, ready to answer your call as soon as possible, whether it is day, night, weekday or holiday. Problems with locking mechanisms, especially on front doors do not tolerate any delay, and they can be:

Intentional damage to the lock
Many residents have faced this problem, either in an attempt to break in illegally, or sometimes because of a vandalism. Thieves use extremely rude and aggressive methods to unlock. All hooligans use them. Any damage of this kind requires urgent locksmith services, regardless of whether the law enforcement agencies will be notified.

Emergency unlocking
Emergency assistance from locksmith companies is sought mainly in case of impossibility to unlock a certain door. The reasons are many and varied – from forgotten / lost keys, to damage – intentional, unintentional and depreciation of the locking mechanism. There are no exceptions in cases where there is a displacement of the door, which does not allow to release the mechanism holding the door in the locked position.
Emergency unlocking, when done by a professional, happens extremely quickly and without any damage to the door – wing, frame, lock. For this purpose, the locksmiths use special unlocking tools, which are not homemade, but made specifically for the purposes of the guild.

Increasing the level of protection
Locksmith services are often used to enhance methods of protection against encroachment. This may include the installation of a special anti-burglary locking system to the front door of a home, office or commercial facility. Good locksmith companies not only install them, but often offer and repair them.

The service of the high class locking mechanisms and systems is another important activity of the professional Toronto companies, offering round-the-clock locksmith services. Even patented systems with billions of combinations can also be damaged by improper or illegal manipulation. That is why it is important for the citizens of Toronto and GTA to have at their disposal a specialist who is able to return the anti-burglary lock back to working condition.