Tips for Hiding Your Spare House Key

Vacantion season already started. Image this scenario- you are finally arriving to your vacation place and you forgot if you turn off the iron, or you have sheduled an appintment with the gardener and you need some to open the door to them, or else. This leads to one thing : you need to have your spare key properly positioned, so if there is anything that needs a quick action.
Of course the last thing you want to worry about while traveling is whether or not your home is properly protected. And since you know that leaving a spare key is important, next thing is to hide well that key.

The places to hide are of course depending on the location, nature, exterior style and ect. Here are some ideas : if you have a porch you can find some place to hide it there. If you want to go even safer , you can buy a magnetic key holder and put it somewhere around the barbeque grill or in the backyard, or even under a chair .
If you have a loose rock or a brick on your walkway, you can hide the spare key there , or if you have a dog you can put it in the dog house.

Where ever you are hiding your home’s spare key, make sure it is in well-hidden location. If you need an advice or you want to buy some safer box for your key, contact us and we will find the best solution for you.