Top 5 signals that you should be looking at changing your locks for new ones.

Whether it’s your home, office, mail box or storage unit, a secure and properly functioning door is the first thing of defense against burglars and intruders.

Most people, whether they’ve recently purchased their first proparty or have lived there for ever, don’t think about changing their locks. In today’s world updated and well-functioning door locks are a must thing!
If your locks are damaged, getting hard and almost impossible to use or you’ve just moved into a new home, you should think about getting your locks changed. In this blog post we will take you through the top 5 points you’ll need to change your locks!

1 – Wear and tear of the locks
Even if older locks seem to be in good working order, it may be safer to replace it with a more modern or better quality locking system. Over the years security systems and regulations have changed. Most locks of the same standard today, compared to 20 years ago, are a lot better in many different ways.
Burglars use a range of sophisticated techniques and equipment to deactivate or remove lock systems, so modern upgrades such as anti snap locks offer far greater protection for your home and bussines. Despite what we think about our kitchen appliances, locks are the pieces of mechanical hardware that see the most daily and hourly use.
Because we’re constantly unlocking and locking our doors, the locks themselves are subjected to more wear, making them more likely to break down over the years. This is especially true if your locks came with your home or apartment, there’s no way to tell how old your locks are and definitely no way to confirm if the previous owners used them correctly or if they enjoyed slamming their doors all the time.
If your locks are particularly old, it might be time to replace them or it might be not. A standard lock with proper care and maintenance could see you through several years but as wear and tear take their hold the risk of failure grows with the time.

2 – Damage/ incorrect use of the locks
We have come across so many occasions where the lock has been damaged due to incorrect use by the owners or working staff. This can happen due to incorrect installation of the locks, age and misalignment with the frame. It can be the result of excessive jiggling of the keys to make it work or even force the doors and locks that shouldn’t be forced. If your lock is damaged in any way, you may experience issues turning the key or, in the worst case, the door may fail to unlock or lock resulting in an emergency locksmith service to come out and gain access. If this happens with your door even once, it’s best to be proactive and look into replacement options before you risk a complete lock-out in the middle of the night

3 – New property – Home or Business
Before you celebrate moving into your new property, welcoming home or business, we recommend that you change the entry door locks if necessary.
You cannot confirm that the previous tenant has a copy of the key or two. Even if your house is new, replacing the door lock set with new ones will ensure your peace of mind, or you may consider installing a customize lock or smart lock as an additional line of defense. Moving is an exciting (if not slightly stressful) experience where thoughts on décor and getting the Wi-Fi set up are usually top things of the list. However, it’s also very important to take a moment to think about changing the locks.
Even if the locks are in working order, you never know who might have a key and what their intentions could be today or tomorrow. It’s possible that the previous owners still have a spare key somewhere behind, have given duplicates to children, friends, or neighbours or might even have lost a few in the past.
We always advise that one of the first things you do in a new home is to change the locks or rekey them. Calling out a local Locksmith to meet you on your move in day is a great way to protect your home, valuables, and family in the present and the future as well.

4 – Recent local break – in
If you or someone in your neighborhood or apartment complex has been the victim of a recent break-in in the area, it’s almost imperative that you get your locks replaced or rekey. If the burglar entered using brute force, it’s likely that the door or locking mechanism is now damaged and need replacement, making it all the more likely that it won’t shut or lock properly anymore. However, if the burglar entered by picking the lock or using a poorly-hidden spare key, two things are almost certain: your locks are not secure enough, and criminals are likely to target you again and again. Replacing the lock is the remedy for both issues.After the break-in incident, none of us can be sure if the keys have fallen into the wrong hands. We should not be lucky, it is vital to replace/rekey all locks as soon as possible. Otherwise, it leaves your home vulnerable to another burglary. Not only could your locks have been damaged in the attack but it can also mean that your locks weren’t up to scratch security wise enough. There is unfortunately no sure-fire way to stop a burglary but different locks can come with different security features, making your home more secure and protected against attack as well. Likewise, it’s not uncommon for burglars to return to a home they have already targeted with the assumption they will be able to get in again and again, so it’s even more important that you change/rekey your locks to protect your home!

5 – Malfunction & manufacturer error of the locks
Buildings can shift all the time, basements are built and the earth moves. All these can put additional unseen stress on your door, the hinges and the lock as well.

Locks are meant to take extreme pressure in a short amount of time. This is usually the best way to protect against a burglary lock attack. However, constant pressure due to misalignment causes breakages and cracks in the internal parts of the lock most of the times. This can expose manufacturer weaknesses and cause your lock to malfunction leaving you locked in or out. If your locks haven’t been installed by a professional, this will most likely result in issues down the line sooner then you think. A misalignment now, that only causes slight tension on the bolt, can turn into a much more serious issue when winter comes and the door swells.

This is perhaps the most obvious — and urgent — sign your lock needs to be replaced. If your locks is damaged in any way, you may experience issues turning the keys or, in the worst case, the door may fail to open or lock entirely. If this happens with your door even once, it’s best to be proactive and look into replacement options before you risk a complete lock-out.

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