Locksmith Express Toronto and GTA about steel doors

Many people have some fears before buying a steel front door. Some of this fears are justified, but some are not. We will try to describe the most common of them and to dispel these concerns, which will further form your personal opinion when choosing a door.


Fear of copying keys at the production stage

The locks are equipped at the last stage of production and are strictly controlled so it is not possible to copy the keys. It is also impossible to access the secret mechanisms of the cartridge itself.


You can prevent such fears by ordering a temporary lock and lever with a mounting key. In some series, there is a lock encoding feature that allows you to recode the key yourself.

For more expensive locking kits, the packaging is sealed and factory-labeled. After the steel front door is installed in the presence of the customer, the temporary cylinder is changed and the lever mechanism is coded, new sets of original keys are printed.


Fear of locking out young children

If young children are present, additional cover protection should be discarded. It is designed to lock the door from the inside and has no access from the outside. You also need to install rotatable cylindrical locks (rotating wheel). Therefore, it is better not to give the key to young children so that they do not leave it in the key hole on the inside of the door, or worse, not to lock it in an upright position.


Fear of easily breaking steel door locks

The most common hacking of a metal door is the effecting on the locking mechanism in various ways. But the manufacturers are not idle. For a long time, additional lock protection has been developed and successfully applied to modern doors. And the locks themselves are constantly being updated. Of course, there can be no guarantee that the door will not be opened. Each mechanism opens sooner or later. But in this case, it will take a long time to open.


Fear of door bending after the new house has settled down

Stretching a metal door is not a common problem because the design of the door is quite rigid and does not allow such an opportunity. But in new wooden buildings, this is a natural and common occurrence. There is nothing to be surprised about – a tree can dry out over time and give more shrinkage. And if front steel doors warp in multi-storey residential buildings, then you should already consider the quality of the construction. If that happened, then you won’t have to buy a new door. It can always be reinstalled.


Fear of lack of soundproofing

Even at the manufacturing stage, the entrance iron door is insulated with mineral wool, and after mounting on the canvas and door frame, a seal is sealed to prevent blowing through the microprojections. Also, at the request of the client, the heat and sound insulation of the door can be made of polyurethane foam.


Fear of value increase

It must be understood that the prices of the front door may be different for some reason: it requires non-standard door sizes, widening the opening, changing the design, choosing more expensive fittings, making additional frames and columns, reinforcing the opening and others. Even before the house is built, soil samples are taken to determine the final cost of laying the foundation. Therefore, a small difference in the calculation between the manager and the meter is not excluded, because you can accurately calculate only after all the measurements made.


Fear of a lot of dust and dirt when installing a steel door

Dust and dirt during the door installation are inevitable and you will have to put up with it. Even the most common drilling creates dust and dirt, not to mention the widening of the hole. But if necessary, you will have to endure. It is better to carry out installation work at the repair stage. Then you don’t have to cover the furniture. In any case, this is not as dirty as when repairing a room, most of it remains outside.

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