Why you should choose your locks carefully

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When was the last time you changed the door locks of your house or apartment, or office to protect them?
In the 1980’s, a simple flat key English lock has been sufficient to lock the door securely, but now a lock of this type can be opened by any thief without any master keys.
They can hit the lock once with a hammer and this will be enough to break it at a connection point where the thickness of the metal is only a few millimeters. Тhere are other simple ways to get into the apartment, so the better thing to do is to replace the lock with a modern one. And it is better to do this every year. If it is hard for you to choose the right one, or you decided to get smart, or to replace the whole security installation, you should turn to s specialist at reliable company as ours.
And you must remember several other things:
• Apartment thieves sell locks on the market
There are cases in which thieves sell locks themselves – a wide range of cheap locks. Customers should be careful. The buyer is promptly asked, “Do you need an apartment or garage lock?”. And seller offers different options – cheaper or more expensive. However, many do not think at all. Usually, the thefts do not break into immediately after the new lock is installed, but after a year and a half.
• This option is also possible:
They give all the keys to the buyer, but they had prepared the lock in advance so that it can be opened with any such key, which then does not even have to be lifted, just to enter the lock.
• It is best if there are two and different types of door locks.
Don’t trust too much on “armored” doors, they look impressive in appearance, but the metal is thin and the lock, whatever it is, breaks through quickly and becomes absolutely useless. A metal plate of at least 5 mm width must be welded in place of the lock. It’s not so aesthetic, but it’s reliable.
• Modern burglary takes minutes
Police advise to take all possible security measures to preserve your property. If you do not have the money to connect the apartment to the private security agency, you can, for example, set a normal bell-size alarm to the place you want to protect. It’s not expensive, but it does alarm so loud that the plaster falls from the ceiling. Such sounds frightens the thieves. They fail to open the door and immediately run away and they can steal nothing.
• Today, locks with a magnet inside are considered reliable enough. There is also a magnet on top of the key. Without their contact it will be impossible to open the lock.
• Smart Locks are more expensive than Traditional Locks but they offers both security and flexibility, letting you control access to your home with your phone. There are many manufacturers who claim their locks are the most reliable, but to make sure that the investment is worth best you considering the lock with all the other factors – such as the size of the front door, location, etc. And you should trust on the professionals.
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