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When buying a lock, many people are interested in what class the lock is. The consultant seller may answer this question, but the full answer will depend directly on his qualification. It is therefore not always possible to obtain detailed information.

A full answer is on the product box or in its instructions and includes many points and useful information that you should know to make the right choice. After familiarizing yourself with the description before you go shopping, so you should be aware as much as possible and be competent in case the seller tries to sell you a low-end lock. If you need help or advise Locksmith Express Toronto and GTA can help you

Secrets for a reliable device
Speaking of locks class, we should mention, which parameters make up the notorious class.

Let’s start with the privacy of the device. This indicator is determined by the number of all types of combinations in which the internal mechanism can be arranged. In the case of lever locks this is determined by the number of levers and in the case of cylindrical locks by the number of other elements forming combinations.

Find out what determines such definitions as the strength and reliability of the mechanism. Reliability refers to how many complete cycles are guaranteed (which means opening and closing a lock) a lock is designed. Depending on the class of locking device, the number of cycles can range from 25 to 100 000. If the locking device also has a handle with a latch, then the number of cycles of a reliable mechanism can reach 250 000.

Strength is its resistance to various methods of destruction, including:



Cutting with a saw and more…

Speaking of what a locking class is, one cannot but mention the following concept – resistance against opening the locking mechanism. In this case, we should talk about possible attempts at intellectual hacking, which include the selection of keys and the use of different master keys. By the way, resistance to destruction also includes the ability to effectively counteract the already mentioned strong destruction methods. A reliable lock must withstand a power of 80 to 300 joules.

In general, a given class is equal to the smallest classification obtained in tests. For example, if the opening tests show that the lock is in the third class, the reliability tests are in the fourth class, and the strength tests are in the second class, then the locking mechanism belongs to the smallest, second class.

Hacking resistance, as mentioned above, is accomplished through a unique technique – tests. These tests can be performed on those units that have passed the required licensing. All conclusions regarding the class of locks that have not passed the required certification are not valid.

Not only will you now know what the class of the locking mechanism is, but you will also be able to determine with certainty how reliable a locking mechanism is. If you have doubts about the true class of a particular mechanism, ask for product documents. Sellers are required to provide it. According to the information provided in the documents, you can certainly determine if the mechanism really is the class the shop is talking about.

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