Security Tips For The Christmas Holidays

Some of us will spend the Christmas and New Year holidays at home, while others will take a trip. So it’s a good idea to pay attention to some basic things if you’re going to be away from home during the holidays, when traditionally policemen report a high rate of theft.

Еxperienced police officers gave practical advice on how to protect your home from the attacks of thieves. Officials say the Apaches most often use several basic techniques to find out in whose home they can expect a rich find.

1.First and foremost, of course, are professional robbers, who maintain a solid network of informers within their reach. Whistleblowers constantly monitor in their neighborhood who got what, whether he replaced the old car with a new one, what he shares with others about his work and so on. Once they have obtained the information, they immediately pass on what they have learned to the bandits for a corresponding percentage of the profit or a fixed payment after the robbery. To neutralize spies, it is best not to share with anyone, even people we think of as friends, what income we receive and what our usual schedule is. Here, however, the main problem becomes the chatty wife, mother-in-law, mother or grandmother, to whom no threat can shut her mouth. As difficult as it is, we must explain that in the name of the common good, we must not talk about what is happening in our home. Or as the famous Sancho Panza said, “Knowing how long my Teresa’s tongue is, it’s best that she doesn’t know anything.”

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2.The second most popular technique among thieves is to inspect the cars parked in front of the block. When they see that a family has a relatively expensive car, even a low-end one, this is a sure indication to them that there will be at least enough equipment in the home to fill their pockets. According to the police, it is enough for them to pick up, for example, a laptop, 50-60 grams of gold and a camera. You can protect you home putting vehicle in a garage. If you do not have one, park it in a well-lit place where law enforcement officers patrol. This will minimize the risk.

3.The third most popular trick of thieves is to check  targeted home themselves. They usually walk around the victim several times a day to see if there is any movement in the house. The expensive front door also reveals that the owners have a stable income, because if they can afford to spend on it, then there are certainly enough appliances inside. Quite often, the robbers ring the doorbell during the day, and if anyone opens it, they explain that they are mistaken and look for “On foot, where he returned from America.” So Do not open to strangers and do not let them home. Skilled fraudsters are quite successful in presenting themselves as tax volunteers, telephone technicians, tax inspectors or collectors. They even pretend to be volunteers who collect donations, which often misleads people, especially around the holidays. The main goal of thieves is to search your home in advance and in the best possible way.

4.The fourth important thing is not to keep expensive gifts in a place that is visible through the window, because many thieves go around spying on this.

Investigators recommend that if we are away from home on holidays, we should never leave valuables and money unprotected. It is better to find a safe place to store them while we are gone. This can be your own safe,  a public vault, a friendly family, a heavily guarded friend’s office, etc. And  it would certainly be good to limit the number of people who will know about it. Only tell your loved ones. Thieves often ask the neighbors about the intended home, and as we know, there is always a neighbor who knows everything about the people at the entrance and will immediately give information without thinking.

If your trip is going to be short, you can leave the lights on at home and never leave your home keys in places around your home. As already mentioned, the ill-wishers monitor and study all options in advance.

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In case you will be away for a longer period of time, it would be good to ask a relative to visit your home while you are away. Make sure that all doors and windows are closed in advance, even those in the basement or garage. If you have a security system, be sure to activate it. In case you do not have one, it would be good to explore the options, as it will give you extra security and reduce the risk significantly, because thieves most often target unguarded houses or apartments. Modern technology even allows you to monitor your home from a distance at any time.

Last but not least : It is very important that your home is protected with relible locks everywhere – front doors, windows, porches, even garage doors and basement. Even if they fail to stop the experienced thieves, who have the most modern burglary equipment, they will certainly make it difficult and slow so much enough that a neighbor could hear or see something and call the police. An alarm system would also help. We can help for this.

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