How do we know if the locksmith we have chosen is not a fraud?

Еach of us at least once had to resort to the services of a professional locksmiths, regardless of whether it comes to lost key from home or office repair of a lock. In a large city like Toronto and GTA finding a trustworthy locksmith, and it as fast as possible can be real challenge. In this article, experts in security of locksmith from Locksmith Express will share with you how to recognize scammers in the area.

In recent years, the number of locksmith scams has increased dramatically.

This is due to freedom, which have the dubious companies with positioning of the services in the search engine Google. Anyone can create a website and publish ads, such as adding photos to nonexistent offices and service facilities for locksmith services. Misleading in the case are feedback – these scammers often resorted to writing a dozen positive feedback with which to you convinced, that services, which offer , are quite real .

In an emergency case as locking out the home / office /or breakage of an essential lock, a person can easily be deceived and ignore details that would not otherwise escape him.

Here which are however signs , which will you show with certainty , that chosen by your locksmith is a cheater :

  • Lack of responsiveness and kindness

When you call a locksmith for emergency service is your right to explain what the problem is and to ask questions, that you care about. Not a good sign , if you feel , that the other side of the phone is trying as is can more quickly to end the conversation , with the aim to arrive faster and take your money

  • The person arrives at the address much slower than promised ;
  • The person arrives to address in unbranded motor vehicle ; If your locksmith arrives with no branding car of the company , which represents , it may not mean two things . Possible is it does not been firm at all and just person, working as a locksmith “in private ” part of the gray economy or negligence from the locksmith company
  • The person does not have any marks through which to identify him as an employee of the company he represents – work clothes, badge, etc. As the official car, so and clothing of your locksmith needs to be appropriate. Professional ethics requires in any one branch employees to wear uniforms.
  • Lack of inventory of tools. A locksmith must always be ready to solve problems of any type and nature. Our locksmiths are just like that. When they are called, they carry with them extensive inventory of the latest tools. Of course, this equipment has its high price and not every locksmith could afford it. Even locksmith to have them, there is not a guarantee, that he can use them properly. Improper use may lead to injury and damage to cartridge and lock.

The person demands a significantly higher payment than the one quoted by phone; If you feel, the price of the place is different from that, referred to in the ad, probably locksmith invented it. Of course, prices are vary in a wide range because of different locksmith services, but professionals acquaint customers with all options that would increase the price of service.

The person is trying to intimidate you. It may not seem real at all, but in many cases, when you object to the price and the way it works, you may receive threats from the locksmith. There is no way a locksmith working “on the black” can file a lawsuit against you. None of our professionals will come into conflict with you in any way. The price and the way we work are always clarified in advance.

  • Hе lacks of experience. The good skills of a locksmith develop with time and effort. Locksmith Express has more than 10 of experience. During this time we have established a reputation, habits and principles by which we are proud of. Every day dozens of people trust us and our services, whether it is residential or commercial locks.
  • The person is not up to date with the innovations in locksmithing. A good locksmith is always up to date. The problems of everyday practice and the availability of new technologies simply do not leave another exit besides the specialist to be familiar with them and to apply them. Companies that care about professional service oblige their employees to go through training that improves their work. This is evident from the visit of the locksmith, the tips for maintenance of the lock, the guidelines he can give you until he arrives at you and most of all the positive reviews towards each client!
  • He does not give guarantee the hardware he installs. We from Locksmith Express are Fully Licensed & Insured, we give 12 Month Warranty on all the hardware installed by us.
  • Does not provide official documents. The first thing everyone should do when meeting a new person is to introduce themselves. Besides kindness, locksmith always wears a badge with a picture and name, as and company, from which are a part. That way you know which locksmith is serving you.

In order to avoid situations in which you will need the signs to identify whether a locksmith is a fraud, you need to find out in advance about a reliable locksmith in your area. The surest way to find out if a locksmith is correct is to go to the studio’s address listed on the site and talk to him in person. Another way to find a trusted locksmith is through Facebook reviews or a friend’s recommendation – anyone who is happy with a locksmith will not hesitate to share with you.

One such reliable partner with an excellent reputation is Locksmith Express Toronto and GTA. We are a Home Stars winner for the third year and vey proud for that.

The Best of Award winner badge is a strong indicator to homeowners of the trust and quality they can expect by working with a pro on our network, empowering them to make safer hiring decisions.”
says Shir Magen, CEO of HomeStars.

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