Locksmith Express can explain:

The operation to change a cartridge on a metal door is performed daily by locksmith companies in our country. The task is complex and requires both professional knowledge and a set of special tools that no other craftsman or ordinary person, can have. It is extremely unreasonable to undertake such a task alone, because the results will always be far from desired.

What would require replacement?

One of the main reasons to replace the front door cartridge is а damage to the existing lock, which cannot be repaired. Another factor is the desire to increase protection against unauthorized unlocking. However, it does not make sense to install a metal or armored door, and the lock does not to give any security against burglary.

A common motive for changing the lock on metal doors is the discrepancy of the current cartridge with the dimensions and construction of the door. This is due to the tendency people to buy low-quality locking hardware (usually Chinese development), with the intention of saving money for a better and more reliable option. As soon as it becomes impossible to unlock / lock the door at some point, the cartridge is replaced.

What are the pitfalls?

Changing the cartridge, especially when it comes to a metal door, is associated with some specific features that the average person is not particularly familiar with. First of all, the fact that the metal door is significantly heavier than the standard wooden or PVC is often overlooked, including when it has a hollow construction. If the center of the locking mechanism is displaced by even a millimeter, it will have difficulty with locking.

Professional locksmiths, unlike their unqualified clients, know how to choose the right mechanism to replace the old one. Before dismantling the old cartridge, the door needs to be measured to determine the appropriate configuration for the new mechanism. The thickness of the sash is measured, as well as the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the lock. In case the sum of these two sizes does not correspond to the standard configurations, you will have to order a special lock model.

When the ordinary cartridge is replaced with the Deadbolt type, the installation becomes even more complicated. Characteristic of this type of locks is that they consist of two parts, forming a “sandwich” around the door, as the cartridge remains hidden in the hole covered by the front elements of the lock. The two halves are connected by screws that can only be reached from the inside. If this detail is reversed, the lock becomes easy to disassemble and unlock.

The cost of professional service is the reason many people try to handle the difficult and complicated operation of replacing a metal door cartridge on their own. The failure of such attempts is guaranteed, so that in the end it again comes to the intervention of a professional and the payment of the corresponding fee.

In the meantime, however, a lot of nerves, time and money have been wasted, because it often turns out that the new cartridge is not a suitable solution for the door or the opening made for the old one does not meet the requirements of the new mechanism. When the goal is to increase the security of a home or office, professional performance of the procedure is the only reasonable option. So you can call Locksmith Express Toronto and GTA / TorontoEtobicokeMississaugaNorth YorkEast YorkScarboroughVaughanRichmond HillMarkhamOakville and Burlington/ and we will save you a lot of discomfort, trouble and time.