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If you imagine that the front door does not have the usual key to enter and open the door, then probably no one will try to break it. There’s just nowhere to put the key. In other words, the possibility of opening an invisible lock and breaking into a foreign house is reduced to zero. This is the main advantage of devices of this type. They are called invisible. Externally, there does not seem to be a lock, but the door is locked.
This is a simple radio-controlled electronic locking model. It‘s working principle is identical to the car lock, where the electronic key ring is used instead of the lock and open key. One click is enough to perform such functions. The locks of this type consist of two parts:
• Electromechanical part;
• Key holder.
The tongue that secures the locking and opening is driven by an electric motor. It is small in size but significant in strength. When the tongue is in a closed position, it is almost impossible to move it out of place without resorting to force. It is true that the door can be opened in the usual manual way from the inside.
Such an opportunity is provided for the purposes of fire safety. In general, it is a common mechanism designed to lock and open doors. The only difference is that it can only function fully if there is a second half of the device – key holder.
But the key holder itself deserves special attention. This is not a simple electronic button, but an entire multi function system. With it you can turn on the siren or send a signal to the alarm panel. It can act as a cell phone key. Using it, the lock can be locked. The key holder can give information that someone has entered or left the room. Using it, you can write a new key and overwrite the old one. All these are its additional features. The key objective of the key holder remains to open and close the lock.

The classification of locks of this type is based on their purpose.
1. Locks for the house.
Such a device is located on the inside of the door. There is a manual correction mechanism. When you leave the house, you do not need a key to close the door. The door is just slamming (it requires such a device). But you can only open the door with a key holder.
2. Office locks.
It opens and closes automatically on entry and exit. When using such locks, the door to the office room is always closed. But you must pay attention. This can only be observed when there is an automatic closing door.
3. Universal lock.
It is almost impossible to open a door equipped with such a device. During the tests it turned out that such attempts would require a load of 5 tones to be forced out!
Many companies product such locks. They differ in reliability, price and other features.

Select a device
Built in or laid is type of lock. Overhead devices are used in most cases where the material of the front door is fragile and the insert will weaken it even more.

Presence or absence of blocking
Having such a device allows you to quickly leave the room in an emergency.
The best would be a lock that can be opened using a plastic card with a built-in chip. After all, a radio signal can be intercepted or generated.

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