А guide from professional emergency locksmiths

Losing your home keys is an innocent mistake, but it can have drastic consequences. If your key proves impossible to duplicate or find, you will need to change your locks to keep your home and property safe. Here’s a guide to the questions you need to ask yourself about replacing locks after the key loss  by a professional emergency locksmith from Locksmith Express

How did I lose my keys?

If you remember how you lost your keys, this will answer the question of whether to replace your locks or just make a duplicate of the key. If you are not sure where your keys are, if they have been stolen or if you have left them somewhere, we recommend that you change your locks – especially if the keys are lost near your property or if there is something that connects them to your identity or address.  However, if you accidentally drop your keys down the drain, the chances of anyone finding and using them to enter your home are incredibly minimal, so you may decide that changing the locks is not necessary.

Lost my master key?

If the lost key to your home is a master key,  you need to replace your lock. Master keys can open several locks, and when they are lost, your entire security infrastructure is compromised. In this situation you need to change all the locks. If your locks are different, and you have lost only one of the keys, then you can replace only its lock.

What is my budget?

The amount of money you are willing to spend will decide whether to replace your locks. If you need to replace and update your locks, it’s a good idea to just replace them instead of modifying them.

Did I lose my spare key?

Spare keys are really important and can be useful when you are locked out of your house. The missing spare key should not bother you, especially if there is zero information about you related to your identity or address, but if you are worried about your security or if the spare keys have been stolen, we recommend that you change the locks. Locksmith Express Toronto and GTA can help you with that!

What type of locks do I have?

If you have locks with a low degree of security, replacing them is a good idea. However, if you have high-quality security locks, we recommend that you simply rebuild them and add additional security measures instead of replacing them completely – unless you have a large budget to handle this and plan to replace the locks with those of equal size or higher levels of security. The  best thing you can do in a situation like this is to seek advice from reliable professionals with years of experience as Locksmith Express Toronto and GTA. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Toronto and GTA/ TorontoEtobicokeMississaugaNorth YorkEast YorkScarboroughVaughanRichmond HillMarkhamOakville and Burlington.

Have I lost my house keys before?

The more keys you lose from your home, the more likely they can be used for burglary. This risk increases exponentially with each lost key. So, if you have lost several keys to your home, it is absolutely mandatory to replace all your locks – and we recommend replacing your locks with those that have keyless entry options, which will reduce the chances lost keys becoming problem for you in the future. For more info you can turn to locksmith professionals.