Summer Security Tips

The summer is always amazing, mostly becaouse you have days off work. As you make plans for summer 2023 don’t forget that protecting your home should remain a priority.
Most thieves will consider the times when your home might be easier to way in. This is why it is critical for your trip to check if your home is protected from unwanted intruders specially in summer.
The first thing that comes into your mind and it is a logical first sep is to use a locksmith. There is nothing that beats getting away for a vacation than knowing that the locks on your home have been ensecured by a trustwothy locksmith. With a locksmith you’ll have a professional help and also the right equipment to check all the flaws of your security.

In order to be vigilant it is fundamental that you install secure doorlocks and also make sure you have this list all checked:
– shut all windows and doors when you leave
– make sure that all valuable items are kept out of sight
– leave your keys somewhere safe for emergencies (check our artickle for good places to hide them)

– make sure your garage is locked up, too, before leaving home as burglars can gain entry to your home via garage or can use tools in the garage to enter your home.
– make sure you have outdoor lighting or lights which switch on when they detect motion, or a dim light which will switch on at night.
– do not post publicly your personal information and your whereabouts on real time on social media as those info can be used by thieves.
– if you have a good relationship with your neighbor, request him/her to take a look and check your home while you are away.

Once you have taken all the necessary security measures, you will positively feel safe and secure both at home and outside.

And remember to feel secure you can trust on professionals like Locksmith Express Toronto and GTA